February 2018

Dark Skies, Bright Kids – Avon Lake dark skies bright kids avon lake - small 2018

Join us for an out-of-this-world night of astronomical education the whole family will enjoy.  NASA and local astronomical societies will be bringing their entire toy box of telescopes, laser pointers, moon rocks, experiments from the International Space Station and even an inflatable planetarium! Space themed crafts and snacks are included! Dark Skies, Bright Kids will take place snow or shine.

Date: Friday, February 23, 2018Click here for more information – Want to know what to expect? Check out this short video from the 2016 Dark Skies event, produced by ALCTV: https://vimeo.com/157198215

This Month’s Skysuzie_venus_fall

Here is something that doesn’t happen very often…a month without a Full Moon! February 2018 will not have a Full Moon. It is right in between two months of two Full Moons, January & March. Of course, the second Full Moon in a month is called a Blue Moon. Also, around mid-month, we will see the return of the dazzling planet Venus low in the west, southwestern sky after sunset. Venus will climb higher each night and will remain an evening star until October! The big planet show continues in the early morning sky before sunrise. Look for brilliant Jupiter joined by Mars and Saturn in the south, southeast (Illustration 1). Mars will continue to get closer to Earth in it’s orbit. Mars is 143 million miles away but will only be 36 million miles in July!

Now, let’s grab our winter coats, hat, gloves, warm socks and boots and enjoy our hike. As we head out around 7:30, make sure to have on hand your Starry Trail Map and binoculars.

Here’s what you’ll need to start exploring tonight’s sky:

Starry Trails

This narrative explains where to look and how to identify stars, deep sky objects, constellations, planets!

Sky Map

Your simple sky map to locate stars, planets and constellation positions.

Starry Trail Map

While using the narrative, this is your visual guide on starting point and the monthly adventure through the night sky.


Will show you the position of the constellations and help you seek them out.

Here’s the Starry Trails February Audio Guide – Listen Now!


Clear Sky Cleveland Chart

Introducing … Starry Trails Starlab!

Take an out of this world trip thru the stars in Starry Trails portable planetarium! We bring customized space science programs to you! View the night sky, enjoy star stories and explore the solar system. Click here for all the details!

starlabfollow StarryTrails.com on Facebook - weekly discussions and astronomy updates!






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