September 2017

Canton astronomer gets to count her lucky stars!

CANTON The theme of “Star Wars” welcomed visitors to the Hoover-Price Planetarium minutes before show time. Educating people about astronomy is more than Dills’ job. She tries to foster interest in space year round, an effort bolstered by the recent solar eclipse. – Read the article here.

I wanted to share this fantastic video of the Avon Lake Eclipse Party!! This made not seeing the total eclipse worth it!! Look at the people enjoying this event!!Check it out !!!


This Month’s Skysuzie_venus_fall

I hope you all had a chance to see the phenomenal Solar Eclipse!! Save the date for April 8th, 2024! It will be our turn for a Total Solar Eclipse!! In the meantime, we have so many spectacular celestial events to enjoy. This month we will say farewell to the king of the planets, Jupiter. We can still view Jupiter low in the west after sunset (Illustration 1). Saturn can be seen in the south, southwest (Illustration2). If you are an early morning riser, the planets Venus, Mercury & Mars, along with the star, Regulus, put on quite a show in the morning. September 18th will be the best morning to view, before sunrise (Illustration3).

At this time of year, it is great to head outside and spend a few minutes enjoying the late summer sounds! We can still enjoy some warm nights, but autumn is just around the corner.  Are you ready to enjoy our starry hike? Grab your Starry Trail map, bug spray, binoculars, jacket and chair or blanket. Our hike begins around 8:30pm.

Here’s what you’ll need to start exploring tonight’s sky:

Starry Trails

This narrative explains where to look and how to identify stars, deep sky objects, constellations, planets!

Starry Sky Map

Your simple sky map to locate stars, planets and constellation positions.

Starry Trail Map

While using the narrative, this is your visual guide on starting point and the monthly adventure through the night sky.


Will show you the position of the constellations and help you seek them out.

Here’s the Starry Trails September Audio Guide –Here’s the Starry Trails September Audio Guide – – Listen Now !- Listen Now !

Clear Sky Cleveland Chart

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Introducing … Starry Trails Starlab!

Take an out of this world trip thru the stars in Starry Trails portable planetarium! We bring customized space science programs to you! View the night sky, enjoy star stories and explore the solar system. Click here for all the details!



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