About Starry Trails – Suzie Dills

suzie outdoors mead kids (2)           On a clear starry August night, more than 30 years ago, I stepped outside looked up and was hooked on stargazing! I have been dazzled and amazed ever since ! There are so many delights to see with your eyes and binoculars. After taking a few Astronomy classes, learning to read star maps and practicing, I began to understand the planet and constellation positions. When presenting public astronomy programs, I met many families that had difficulty finding the constellations and planets. That’s why I created Starry Trails, a fun and easy way to explore the night sky from your very own backyard. I wanted to share my knowledge of the night sky to assist as many of you as possible, so you could learn,understand and love the stars!

So, what is Starry Trails ?

Starry Trails is a monthly publication that helps you navigate and learn about the night sky.

Each month Starry Trails includes :

    • The Narrative – This will explain where to look and how to identify stars, deep sky objects, constellations, planets!

    • Highlights – Every month the sky brings new things to see! I’ll give you the best of the best !

    • Brightest Stars – I’ll let you know the brightest stars in the East, West, North or South!

    • Binocular Highlights – Not everything is visible with just your eyes, there are some amazing things to see when you use a pair of binoculars!

    • Telescope Highlights – Telescopes allow you to see even more stars! Deeper in space.

    • Illustrations -Will show you the position of the constellations and help you seek them out.

    • Starry Star Map – Your simple guide to locate stars, planets and constellation positions.

    • Starry Trail Map –  While using the narrative, this is your visual guide on starting point and the monthly adventure through the night sky.

    • StarryTrails.com – Is where you will find the monthly issue, pictures, articles, my favorite astro links, & fun astronomy kids activities – like puzzles, seek-n-find & a whole lot more!

About me:

Currently, Suzie is providing consulting services for non-profit financial and strategic initiatives, and also provides astronomy programming as the Planetarium Director at The Hoover-Price Planetarium at the William McKinley Presidential Library &Museum in Canton, Ohio

Suzie is the former Executive Director of the International Women’s Air & Space Museum at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland, Ohio. The museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history of women in aviation and space and the documentation of their continuing contributions today and in the future. The museum also provides educational opportunities to inspire and encourage students in STEM and Aviation careers.

Prior to joining the Museum, Suzie developed and implemented Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs for Girls Scouts of North East Ohio, which encompasses 18 counties in Ohio. She was instrumental in securing funds for the purchase of two state of the art observatories, a mobile robotics lab and Starlab, a portable planetarium. Through her innovative programming, Suzie engaged and inspired hundreds of girls and young women in STEM.

Suzie also delivered astronomy and space science educational programming at Lake Erie Nature and Science Center’s Walter R. Schuele Planetarium. Through hundreds of programs, Suzie engaged students, scouts, community groups and families. In addition, Suzie provided accounting services which included the restructure of the non-profit accounting system.

Suzie has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a  major in Accounting and minors in Mathematics and Business Management. Suzie also serves as President of the board of Directors for Lorain Preparatory Academy and the Academy of Arts and Sciences, two charter schools in Lorain, Ohio. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Cuyahoga Astronomical Association as Treasurer, as well as Treasurer for Leadership Lorain County.

Suzie is a member of Cleveland Astronomical Society, Cuyahoga Astronomical Association, Cleveland Regional Association for Planetariums and is a volunteer for Lorain County Metroparks and Girl Scouts of North East Ohio, where she continues to educate and inspire people of all ages.

Have a question? Email Suzie at suzieastro@yahoo.com – Hope to see you under the stars ! and don’t forget to leave a comment on what you have seen or join me on Facebook !


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